Maintenance Community Framework Resource Library (Coming Soon!)


Maintenance Communities are self-organized, grassroots efforts within The Maintainers that focus attention on specific issues. These communities work through conference calls, online discussions, and in-person events to advance shared interests.

With the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and in collaboration with the Educopia Institute, The Maintainers is providing these communities with facilitation, project management, listservs, shared virtual workspaces and file repositories. Membership within these communities is open to all willing to abide by their codes of practice.

Nithinan Tatah , The Noun Project - CC-BY

Nithinan Tatah, The Noun Project - CC-BY

Information Maintainers

Our purpose is to support the maintenance of information and those who manage, maintain, and preserve information systems.

ProSymbols , The Noun Project - CC-BY

ProSymbols, The Noun Project - CC-BY

Maintainers in the Workforce

Our work is to understand, respect, recognize, and reward the contributions of those who build and maintain the infrastructure of our economy and society.

Through the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, The Maintainers is actively developing a Maintenance Community Framework to facilitate the formation of additional maintenance communities.  If you are interested in organizing a Maintenance Community, contact us and share your story.