The Soup’s On Us: Introducing the Information Maintainers

This post is by Information Maintenance Community Member Monique Lassere Many of us are familiar with the term “maintenance,” and we may even have ready-made ideas of what maintenance looks like, whether as an occupation or what we just realized … More →

Maintaining Disabled Bodies and Identities: Disability as Dirty Work

This is the first of two interrelated posts by the disability studies scholar Hanna Herdegen who is pursuing a PhD in Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech. When I was first diagnosed with POTS, my cardiologist suggested that I … More →

Researching “What Do Engineers Do All Day?: Innovation, Maintenance, and Everyday Engineering.”

This post is by The Maintainers Co-Director Lee Vinsel. A couple of weeks ago I heard that joyful news that my Virginia Tech colleagues Jenni Case, Marie Paretti, and I were awarded a grant from the Institute for Society, Culture, … More →

Maintainers III: Meet the Track Leaders

This post is by The Maintainers Co-Director Andy Russell. As we near the May 13 deadline for proposals for Maintainers III, I have been thinking about how far this conference has come. For Maintainers I and II, the “program committee” … More →

Defining Core Values

The Maintainers has come a long way since Andy Russell and I co-founded it on accident, back in 2015. We thought it would be useful to share some reflections on how The Maintainers community has grown, and the values that … More →

Maintainers III is coming: how you can get involved

Now that a little bit of time has passed since we announced the dates (Oct 6-9), place (Gallaudet University in Washington, DC), and Call for Papers for Maintainers III, I wanted to share a few thoughts about different ways to … More →

Maintainers Organizers Report

By Andrew Russell, The Maintainers Co-Founder Thanks to our project’s support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 2019 has been a busy time for my fellow co-founder Lee Vinsel and me. Together with Jessica Meyerson and her colleagues at the … More →

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Support for The Maintainers

The Maintainers organization – co-organized by Andrew Russell and Lee Vinsel – is pleased to announce that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will be supporting some of its activities. With funding from the Sloan Foundation, we plan to build our … More →

Flipping the Script on How We Talk about Maintenance

In The Maintainers, we continue to be interested in companies working in the maintenance and repair space. Over the last few years, we’ve found a number of interesting young firms that are using digital technologies to transform maintenance practices. Today’s … More →

A Letter to POTUS on Infrastructure

Today, we are excited to republish something originally posted in January 2017 over at the Strong Towns blog, “A Letter to POTUS on Infrastructure,” by Charles Marohn. When we first read Marohn’s letter, we found it both shocking and insightful, … More →