Engineering for Long Term Solutions – A Maintainers Movement Fellow Event with Long Now Boston, led by Tona Rodriguez-Nikl

06/06/2022 4:30 PM PDT | 6:30 PM CDT | 7:30 PM EDT

Long Now Boston and The Maintainers have come together to proudly present a conversation melding our two key concepts: long-term thinking and maintenance. This event is led by Maintainers Movement Fellow Tona Rodriguez-Nikl, and is hosted within the Long Now Boston conversation series. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how these concepts informed the conversation!

Panelists included:

Bill Bulleit – Structural Engineer and Philosopher
Donna Riley – Educator, Author, and Advocate
Kai Whiting – Researcher of Stoicism and sustainability, and Author
Guru Madhavan – Biomedical Systems Engineer, Maintainers Advisory Committee Member


Transcript will be available soon!