Maintainers Central pursues critical inquiry into the daily maintenance practices of individuals, organizations, and communities. In all fields, we see people eager for more research and better data to inform discussions and decision-making. The need is especially acute where maintenance has been neglected or taken for granted. Through our research agenda, we seek to 1) ground public discourse regarding humans’ relationship to technologies, as part of our broader mission to achieve a more caring and well-maintained world; and 2) measure and document the impacts of valuing or devaluing maintenance.


Psychology of Maintenance

Why do individuals neglect maintenance? How do people perceive maintenance-oriented occupations? And how does the relative status (or “sexiness”) of maintenance shape career paths and societal allocations of resources?

00117 // The annual “dinosaurs” cleaning at Crystal Palace // Bernardo Robles Hidalgo / Koen Berghmans at MAMA

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