00118 // DIY Plumbing // Bernardo Robles Hidalgo / Koen Berghmans at MAMA


We needed an extra tap at the kitchen, so I decided to do some DIY plumbing.

Unfortunately it turned out to be much more complicated than expected…

Welcome to our 2023 Movement Fellows! 

The Maintainers Movement Fellowship advances the movement for maintenance thinking and action by bringing together individuals who are interested in identifying where this work is already happening.  Learn more about them their backgrounds here.

The Maintainers Movement Fellowship 2022

In 2022, we supported a fantastic cohort of fellows throughout the year. Together, they deepened their maintenance/repair/care practices, and explored the concept of “degrowth”. Learn more about them and their work here.

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Studying the Sensible Side of Love in the Netherlands

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An Interview with a Maintainer: Rachel Achieng’ and the maintenance of public health data

On July 20th, 2023, Lauren Dapena Fraiz (The Maintainers) met with Rachel Achieng’, a digital rights researcher based in Nairobi, to discuss more on the question of access and maintenance related to public health data in Kenya. Rachel gave us … More →

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