Maintainers Fellowships bring together diverse groups of scholars, practitioners, and activists to build and grow the field of maintenance thinking and action. An essential part of our mission is to encourage the development of a community of practice and scholarship around maintenance, care, and repair. Fellows learn together, develop writing and programming, and share their work and ideas with a broad public audience.

Current Fellowship

Welcome our 2023 Maintainers Movement Fellows!

  Join us in welcoming our new cohort of Maintainers Movement Fellows for 2023! The Maintainers Movement Fellowship advances the movement for maintenance thinking and action by bringing together individuals who are interested in identifying where this work is already … More →

Previous Fellowships

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2022 Movement Fellowship

The Maintainers Movement Fellowship is a year-long fellowship to advance the movement for maintenance thinking and action. The fellowship brings together a group of individuals whose maintenance, repair, and care work has substantial connections to the environment. During the fellowship, … More →

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2021 Summer Fellowship

The Maintainers Summer Fellowship ran during the summer of 2021. It brought together researchers and maintainers from a variety of places and backgrounds — community work, advocacy, city planning, art, and more — to enrich our knowledge of maintenance across … More →