The Maintainers seek to build and support communities that can create and support change, as well as promoting a maintenance mindset. We do not have a formal definition of “membership”; rather, we consider our community to be subscribers to our email list; followers on Twitter; attendees of our events; and anyone who sees common cause with our mission and vision.

Newsletter Archives

Since the Fall of 2021, we are keeping our community and friends updated through our quarterly newsletter. The newsletter includes organizational updates, engagement opportunities, Maintainers’ community and partner features, and some highlights on maintenance and repair news across the board. If you are interested in sharing your work with us, please get in touch!

You can find the archives of our newsletter editions kept here.

Maintenance Community Framework

The Maintainers act on the conviction that our society often fails to maintain things and support the people involved in maintenance because this work is under-recognized, even ignored, until something breaks. We see communities as the best means to draw attention to maintenance and maintainers and create a more caring and well-maintained world because “communities” exist in the space between the embodied experiences of individual maintainers and the transformation of whole societies. The Maintenance Community Framework (MCF) is a living record of how The Maintainers learns with and from: our research network, Maintenance Communities, and other collaborative groups that are applying maintenance thinking and action in their work.

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Maintenance Communities

With the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and in collaboration with the Educopia Institute, The Maintainers is providing these communities with facilitation, project management, listservs, shared virtual workspaces and file repositories. Membership within these communities is open to all willing to abide by their codes of practice.

Information Maintainers

Our purpose is to support the maintenance of information and those who manage, maintain, and preserve information systems.

Maintainers in the Workforce

Our work is to understand, respect, recognize, and reward the contributions of those who build and maintain the infrastructure of our economy and society.

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