February Maintenance Session

Virtual Event

02/17/2023 2–4pm ET


Join The Maintainers for a monthly, no-cost, DIY maintenance session. We invite you to set aside two hours a month for maintenance. This can be time dedicated to maintaining your work, your home, your body, your relationships, your physical belongings, your mind, your community. You can choose to maintain the same thing every month, or swap out what your focus is. We encourage organizations to also hold space for maintenance with their teams, perhaps you can utilize this time for maintaining projects you’re working on!


How it works:

1. Register for the Maintenance Session here.

2. Join the Zoom link on the day of the Maintenance Session (Eventbrite will remind you!).

3. The Maintainers will open up the session with a few remarks, and then we’ll send you into your Maintenance Session.

4. We’ll share a “30 more minutes” notice into the zoom so that you can properly wrap up whatever maintenance project you’re working on.

5. The Maintainers will close out the session with a few remarks.


Have questions? Reach out to our community outreach & events coordinator, Liliana: liliana@themaintainers.org