Himadri Das

Summer Fellow 2021

, Repair Cafe Bengaluru

Himadri is an urbanist, academician and researcher based in Bangalore. His expertise is in Safe access and Urban design. Himadri was previously consulting with WRI India, where he was leading the sustainable communities team previously. He was the recipient of a ‘special recognition’ in the Volvo Sustainability Awards 2013 for his project “Towards a walkable and Sustainable Bengaluru: A safe Access project for Indira-nagar Metro Station”. He is a co-author of the Safe Access Manual: Safe Access to Mass Transit Stations in Indian Cities in 2014. His interest in interactive workshops and gamification of urban design processes led him to develop a Safe Access Interactive workshop for citizens to contribute to the design of their transitstation areas. He is a trustee at Repair Cafe Bengaluru Foundation, which works to repair household stuff in order to divert them from the landfill. He is a co-author for an illustrated children’s book on repair titled ‘A stitch in time’.

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