Mathew Lubari in front of a book shelf with hand raised

Mathew Lubari

Maintainers Movement Fellow 2023 : Maintenance Cultures

Fixer, Maker, Advocate for Repair & Reuse, Open Tech, Science Hardware and ICT

Mathew Lubari is a Co-Founder & Executive Director of Community Creativity for Development (CC4D). He is a South Sudanese, self-driven thought repairer and activist, maker, mentor, and advocate for Open-Technology. At the age of 12, he watched his Dad (Alison) repair his radios and wristwatch and got inspired and pursued a career in ICT to help teach people how to repair, care and maintain their electronic items. 

In 2016, Mathew fled his country with a zip lock of repair tools(screwdriver, cutter, and a toothbrush), and co-founded CC4D in 2019, providing repair services to the Refugees in Rhino Camp, Uganda but never knew repair protects the planet from global warming until 2021 when he joined the Restarters#ASKnet and the Global Innovation Gathering(GIG).

Mathew’s publications and events: 

Event: The Essence of Repair Culture

Blog post: Meet Maintainers Fellow Mathew Lubari: Journey to Repair Culture

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