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Are you a repairer, fixer, maker, hobbyist, mender, or caregiver passionate about community-building? An independent or university-affiliated researcher delving into the themes of maintenance, repair, and care? An advocate seeking to promote the maintenance of sustainable infrastructure and public services?  An artist whose creative endeavors center maintenance and care principles? Whoever you are, as long as you are a maintenance, repair and/or care enthusiast interested in community-building, the Maintainers Meet Ups are the virtual space for you.

The Maintainers Meet Ups aim to elevate a dynamic virtual space that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advocacy among  maintenance, repair, and care-centered practitioners. Here you will be able to:

  • Showcase your initiative related to maintenance, repair, and care.
  • Tap into The Maintainers network! Recruit volunteers, inquire on resourcing, collect feedback, or draw from our collective knowledge to advance your work or interest!
  • Offer cross-collaborative opportunities and connect with like-minded individuals to build a stronger community centered around maintenance, sustainability and care practices.
  • Learn and be inspired on what work other members of the community are working on,
  • Connect with an international community based on knowledge share and mutual support to advance maintenance, repair and care in our societies.


Each Meet Up a handful of maintenance projects  – to be presented in less than 3 minutes, where they will share:

  1. The Project -What maintenance effort are you working on?
  2. What they’re learning – How do you maintain this effort?
  3. Opportunities and Impact for The Maintainers Network – this may be volunteer opportunities, thought partnerships, research collaborations, jobs, or additional engagement projects. 

If you want to save a slot to present your project in the Meet Up, please reach out to us by emailing

If you want to join the Meet Up without presenting, please register below, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions on the event. Come ready to listen to the amazing projects happening within this community. Possibly, you’ll find a connection that you didn’t even know you were looking for!



Welcome + Overview
Maintenance Project Showcases
Closeout + Next Steps

We recognize that the scheduled time may not work for everyone, and as The Maintainers seeks to best support our international community, we aim to offer a wide range of event meeting times. Additionally, we welcome individuals to submit recordings if they are unable to attend live sessions. Please let us know if you have additional suggestions about bridging gaps between time zones when seeking to connect globally.

We strive to ensure accessibility in our virtual events and welcome individuals with accessibility needs to reach out to us for accommodations at


Previous Maintainers Meet Ups

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