Moving Toward Maintenance: Self

Virtual Event

April 7, 2023 at 3pm ET on Zoom

Join The Maintainers network and friends for a 3-Part Event Series highlighting different spheres of maintenance, asking: “How do we maintain ourselves? Our communities? Our movement?”. Together we will explore questions about these maintenance aspects. Each session will feature practitioners with experience in the field, and you will come away from each event in the series with a takeaway document to guide you in your dedication to that form of maintenance.

A light grey background with a piece of cardboard over it, taped up with green tape saying: MOVING TOWARD MAINTENANCE: SELF. At the bottom, the words "Save the date" arc the date of the event, April 7th at 3pm ET.

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Up first, we will be exploring questions around maintaining oneself. We invite you to investigate:

Why must we we maintain ourselves? How does self-maintenance contribute to community care? Whose responsibility is it to maintain?

When the world feels like it’s falling apart, do we fall apart with it? Or rather, how do we come together? To feel whole, within our bodies and breath, first- to belong to the greater whole. Where is the sacred pause, the felt experiences and practices that support our journey, back to ourselves, each other and where we call home. In the simple, there is depth. In the ritual, there is meaning. In coming together to share the practices, when we fall apart- how we come together- to maintain hope in these times we live, one season to the next.

We have gathered Ashley, Rheanna, and Sarah to share about their perspectives. This event will be an hour and a half, and each practitioner will speak about their work, and will also share a self-maintenance practice. They also want you to know that the linkage between maintaining self, community, and movement are all connected – and that talking about a particular maintenance practice doesn’t negate the power of other maintenance practices.

Please note, this is a no-cost event. If you choose to purchase a pay-what-you-wish ticket, the funds go directly to sustain event offerings and honorarium for all speakers at The Maintainers.



Sarah Sao Mai Habib

Image of Sarah in front of a rock structure. A person with dark hair and braids, the sun flares over their face.

Home Sovereignty Studio | Instagram | Website

Sarah Sao Mai Habib (they/she) is a multidisciplinary artist, builder, writer, and cultural worker based in New Mexico and California. Habib works at the intersections of social ecological healing, land based, and contemplative practice. HOME SOVEREIGNTY STUDIO is a practice dedicated to the remembrance of ancestral liberatory technologies.


Rheanna Chen
An image of a woman with dark hair in a bun, with a floral necklace around her neck. Wearing a pink shirt and holding a big bouquet of flowers.

Rheanna Chen (she/her) is an Ecologist, Food Justice Advocate, Community Worker, and Mindfulness teacher. She has a lifelong commitment to sustainable development in the Caribbean; using strong systems thinking, capacity building and communication skills to design inclusive spaces for food sovereignty, climate resilience and community empowerment.



Ashley Hartman AnnisAn image of a white person with a short haircut, nose ring, smiling with their face turned toward the right. The background is a blurry garden.

Zine of the Month | Instagram | Website

Ashley Hartman Annis (they/she) is a full spectrum birthworker (birth, abortion, miscarriage), a fertility educator, a somatic practitioner and a zine maker in Madison, WI. They also create gender inclusive and trauma informed zines on the topics of reproduction, fertility, anatomy, sexuality, somatics, trauma, and the body.