Sustaining Mental Health Repair: A Maintainers Fellowship Event

Virtual Event

October 11, 2023 |  6:30-8pm IST | 9-10:30am EDT | Zoom

Join us for a thought-provoking event that delves into the heart of mental health support during unprecedented times: “Sustaining Mental Health Repair: Understanding the Journey of Psychosocial Helplines in the Pandemic.” In this engaging discussion, we will unravel the profound significance of psychosocial helplines – what they stand for, how they differ from conventional helplines, and the pivotal role each helpline plays in addressing distinct needs. 

We’ll explore the genesis of these helplines, their purpose, and the cases they’ve handled, shedding light on the unique challenges that emerged. Discover what aspects were sustained and what was relinquished, and delve into the factors that shaped these decisions. Our esteemed panelists include Ms. Devika Kapoor, Project Coordinator for Mental Health at Project Mumbai, Mr. Sidhhant Khurrana, Programme Lead and Co-founder of Mindpiper, and Ms. Meghana Jadhav, Programme Associate, MannTalks. 

Guiding the conversation is our adept moderator, Ms. Himani Kulkarni, a Public Health Fellow at The Maintainers in 2023. This event is hosted in collaboration with The Maintainers, a global research network that explores the intricate dynamics of maintenance, infrastructure, repair, and the diverse forms of expertise that uphold our human-built world.


Access note:

The Maintainers is committed to practicing and providing a range of accessibility support for our virtual events, acknowledging that we still have room to grow. At this time, and at this event, the gathering will include the following access supports:

  • Recording and transcript will be sent out after the event.
  • There is no requirement for participation, so show up as you are: have your camera on or off, move around your space, do or don’t participate in the chat, etc.
  • This event will be in English on Zoom and is no cost.
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Event Lead:

Maintainers Movement Fellow, Himani Kulkarni: Mental Health Professional, Public Health Advocate

Himani Kulkarni is a Delhi-based mental health professional with experience in training, content creation, and psychotherapy. Her areas of interest are gender and sexuality, emotional regulation, self-care, and body image concerns. She holds an MA in Applied Psychology and is trained in community mental health, trauma-focused therapy, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Himani recognizes the importance of repair and maintenance in public mental health, more so since the global crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. She understands that mental health is not only about individual well-being but also about the collective health of communities. Himani believes in a bio-psycho-social understanding of mental health and is dedicated to promoting a rights-based perspective of mental health and well-being.




Ms. Devika Kapoor, Project Coordinator, Mental Health, Project Mumbai.

I am a Mental health professional with half a decade of experience in the field of Emotional wellness. I also offer therapy to individuals in need of emotional care and also offer training and supervision to budding therapists. I hold rich experience in conceptualizing, implementing and executing mental health programs in corporate and social sector. I hold expertise in program management and execution across sectors. I hold keen interest in impact assessment & passionate about mental health research and have assumed the role of being a principal investigator in research projects at United Nation Population Fund.


Mr. Siddhant Khurana, Co-founder of Mind Piper

Mr. Siddhant is a self-coached psychology enthusiast with a curious soul. He carries himself with contagious enthusiasm and strives to learn something new every day. An engineer by degree and an entrepreneur by profession, he heads team building and communication at the Mind Piper. He has mastered the art of effective communication and wonderfully strikes a balance between being a manager and a co-worker. Motivated by his own struggles with mental health, Siddhant spearheads the organizational vision of providing accessible mental health care to all. His intent to reach the communities at the margins, the skill of networking and his passion to have conversations over food make him an interesting blend of intensity and fun in the team.


Ms. Meghana Jadhav, Programme Associate, MannTalks

Ms. Meghana is a dedicated professional with nine years of experience in the field. She has worked with diverse communities, including survivors of abuse, students, and the queer community. She has led a helpline during pandemic for mental health concerns and continue to work on strategy and development for the same. She now focuses on offering trauma-informed therapy and training young counselors, contributing significantly to the field’s growth and development.






This is a no-cost event, however if you wish to purchase a pay-what-you-wish ticket, you can do so by choosing one of the Attendee Ticket tiers when you register for the event. Proceeds will be used for Movement Fellow speaker honoraria and event operating costs. Thank you!

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