Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl

Urban Homesteaders

Excerpts from an interview with Choi Chatterjee and Omer Sayeed on August 13, 2022 By Tona Rodriguez-Nikl   Choi Chatterjee and Omer Sayeed welcomed our family into their lovely urban homestead in the foothills of Los Angeles County. We shared … More →

Decarbonizing the Built Environment

Excerpts from an interview with Jim D’Aloisio on August 12, 2022 By Tona Rodriguez-Nikl   Jim D’Aloisio is a structural engineer dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from building materials and to the heat losses during building operation. In our … More →

A Trip Down the Arroyo Seco – A Microcosm of Infrastructure, Nature, and Society Part I

– By Tonatiuh Rodriguez- Nikl   Introduction The Arroyo Seco (Dry Stream in Spanish) meanders down the San Gabriel mountains, into Pasadena, and later joins the Los Angeles River near Downtown. Over the course of two blog posts, we’ll take … More →