Terra Graziani

Maintainers Movement Fellow 2023 "Maintainers in the Workforce"

Researcher, Educator, and Tenant organizer

For the past ten years, Terra has worked in the tenant movement in California in various roles, building tenant power through public education, community-based research, and organizing. She helps run The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (AEMP), a digital storytelling documenting dispossession and resistance in gentrifying landscapes, and she founded the Los Angeles chapter. Terra is now a PhD student in Geography at the CUNY Graduate Center and a researcher at UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy (IID). She for the past three years has been part of the team that built The Tenant Power Toolkit, a collaboration between The Debt Collective, The Los Angeles Tenants Union, AEMP, and IID that helps tenants fight for their homes. Terra’s work for the Maintainers Fellowship will look at how rental debt affects tenants’ ability to maintain their lives and communities.

Terra’s publications:

Event: End of Year Fellowship Panel 2023

Blog Post: Meet Maintainers Fellow Terra Graziani: Maintaining Home, Abolishing Evictions

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