The Maintainers Coloring Book

We are proud to announce to you The Maintainers Coloring Book! Text and illustrations in this coloring book are inspired by papers and presentations that were part of The Maintainers III: Policy, Practice, and Care conference program in 2019. The text and overall design of this coloring book were created by Jessica Meyerson. The illustrations of this coloring book were created by Bernardo Robles Hidalgo, with design and layout by Kelly Pendergrast. Feedback and edits to this coloring book were contributed by The Maintainers Team, Andy, Lauren and Liliana. 


About this book

Not unlike many facets of life, The Maintainers Coloring Book project required re-orientation since Covid-19 began to alter the world in 2020. The concepts of maintenance explored through these pages reflect a unique moment, prior to that reality. Many aspects of our collective relationship to maintenance have changed, while others have become more apparent. Throughout this coloring book we wish to bring reflective questions, guiding you to identify your connection to maintenance and how it changes over time. 

Each illustration has a number and a title, which appears at the top of the page. The numbers are assigned by MAMA. MAMA is an architecture practice that collects references and produces illustrations as a research methodology into the subject of maintenance.


Download The Maintainers Coloring Book here


Cover image: 00135, by MAMA Brussels
I don’t get why people don’t like to clean. Is there any better way to get to know a house?”
— M.T., architect and housewife.

How to use the book

We created this coloring book as a celebration of the work from the MIII conference, and a way to shine light on the many Maintainers of the world. This coloring book is also the perfect way to unwind and maintain your own self care! Additionally, we have placed learning objectives at the start of each section (Maintenance, Maintainers, Ecosystems, Research), should you choose to utilize this coloring book as an educational resource.

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