Tropical Fungi Summit on March 30th, 2022 – A Maintainers Movement Fellow Event, led by Rheanna Chen

03/30/2022 1-2:30 PM PDT | 3-4:30 PM CDT | 4-5:30 PM EDT

In this event, led by Maintainers Movement Fellow Rheanna Chen, we looked at mushrooms as regenerative teachers for care, repair, and maintenance through the lens of a forest guide, scientist, mushroom cultivator, chef, psychedelic integration coach, and designer. Mushrooms serve as symbols of solidarity, and support our society and planet in endless ways than we can even imagine. Speakers included:

  1. Carl Fitzjames: Forest guide, Scientist – Trinidad
  2. Chris Martin: Mushroom Cultivator – Trinidad
  3. Justine Garcia: Chef – Trinidad
  4. Ana Montano: Psychedelic Integration Coach – Trinidad
  5. Sam Bennett: Designer – New York City
  6. Guest Speaker – William Goss: Mycologist of 14 years – California

Transcription Available Here