Maintainers III: Practice, Policy and Care

Washington, D.C., October 6-9 2019

Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University

The third in a series of conferences that celebrates and unpacks the concepts of maintenance, infrastructure, repair, and the myriad forms of labor and expertise that sustain our human-built world.

MIII Accessibility FAQ

The Maintainers III (MIII) Conference is committed to making accessibility one of our foremost priorities. We want to work collectively to ensure that the conference is inclusive to the diversity of scholars, practitioners, activists, and all participants that will join us for these three days. As such, we ask all participants to bear in mind the diversity of our group, and to reflect upon issues of the privilege of access.

How do I communicate accessibility needs to Maintainers III organizers?

Once registration opens for the conference, please note on the registration form where it states, “Please indicate any accommodations you require to participate fully in the MIII Conference.” You can use that to let us know how we can make MIII accessible to you. We will do our best to ensure that the spaces where the conference takes place, as well as further social events, are at the minimum ADA compliant. We do ask that participants with any further accessibility accommodations (e.g. sign language interpretation, sighted guides, etc.) request them in advance. We will make every effort to provide attendants with accessibility accommodations and wish to open that dialogue as soon as possible. Contact Jessica Meyerson via email: jmeyerson[at]themaintainers[dot]org for specific requests.

Who do I ask if my question is not answered here?

Contact Jessica Meyerson via email: jmeyerson[at]themaintainers[dot]org 

Will sign language interpretation or captioning be available? What about an induction loop in the meeting rooms?

As a relatively small conference in previous years (typically between 60 and 150 people for Maintainers I and Maintainers II), we have not provided sign language interpretation and other accommodations for the deaf and hard of hearing. However, we are expanding our numbers this year and may be able to provide additional support with enough notice! Please reach out to us as early as possible and let us know how we can support your attendance.

I’m a nursing mother. Will there be a dedicated maternal care room?

MIII will provide a designated Maternal Care Room for nursing mothers.

Will there be a quiet space available?

Yes! While we will not have a dedicated space for this purpose, we will be able to arrange for a private space if needed. Please email Jessica Meyerson via email: jmeyerson[at]themaintainers[dot]org regarding your needs or speak to event staff on site.

Where can I find information about getting around in Washington, D.C.?

D.C. Metro prides itself on being one of the most accessible public transportation systems in the world. In addition to a comprehensive website outlining services available to mobility challenged visitors, Metro has also compiled a downloadable guide to accessible transportation options throughout the region. Check out this wheelchair accessible travel guide for Washington, D.C, created by ScootAround offers scooter and wheelchair rentals for a minimum of three days, weekly or for longer periods of time so that you can navigate the city and its site in comfort and ease. Call 1-888-441-7575 for details. Orthopaedic Mobility Rentals provides service daily, weekly or monthly rentals throughout the DC Metro area. Call 571-340-8961 for more information.

What are the taxi and public transport options for getting to the conference venue?

Details regarding taxis, public transit, parking and other transportation options can be found on the Getting Around D.C. Guide by Destination D.C.

Is there accessible parking nearby?

Stay tuned for more details regarding parking at the conference venue.

Can a volunteer assist me during the conference?

Yes! We would be happy to match you up with a volunteer. As with other accommodations, the more advance notice we have, the better.

Is the entrance accessible for those with mobility issues?

Yes, the entrance to the venue has accessible door width, including automatic opening. The entrance is on the ground floor as is our largest meeting space. An elevator is also available to access the second floor.

What is the conference space like? Will it be accessible by wheelchair or power scooter?

Please stay tuned for more details regarding accessibility within the conference venue.

What are the restroom facilities like?

Wheelchair accessible and gender neutral washrooms are available. Stay tuned for a floor plan map of the conference venue.

What are the arrangements for presenters with accessibility needs?

We are happy to make special arrangement to support our presenters with accessibility needs. Please reach out to us as early as possible and let us know how we can support your attendance.

Can I attend the conference virtually?

We are still determining whether some of the sessions will be live streamed. Check back for more information about virtual participation.

Will the conference be low-fragrance or fragrance-free?

Many of our colleagues may have particular sensitivities to strong scents and perfumes. These can be negative triggers for those with multiple chemical sensitive syndrome (MCS), asthma, and/or autoimmune disorders, among others. To respect these sensitivities, the conference venue will turn off all scent diffusers for the duration of the conference. We also ask that participants refrain from using strong perfumes or fragrances.

Will speakers and audience members asking questions be using a microphone?

We will have microphones for presenters and audience members, and will encourage everyone to use them.

What food service will be provided? Can the conference accommodate special dietary needs?

We will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day, as well as heavy hors d’oeuvres at the reception. We will be sure to include vegetarian options, and can provide vegan and gluten free meals for attendees who request them. We may be able to accommodate other dietary restrictions, as well, but please let us know your needs as soon as possible. 

Will the conference be a smoke-free environment?

Smoking is not permitted in the conference facility.

What if I have a medical emergency or health problem during the conference?

Stay tuned for more detailed contact information regarding campus first aid.