All Thursday sessions are in the Bissinger Room, 4th Floor, Howe Center, Stevens Institute of Technology

Thursday Opening Plenary: What is Maintenance & Why Does it Matter?
3-4:30 pm

Scott Knowles, Drexel University
“Maintenance Deferred: Slow Disaster and the Politics of Infrastructural Decay” [READ PAPER]

Zachary Pirtle, NASA
“What Do Maintainers Know and How Do They Know It?: Insights from Exploration Systems Development”

Lara Houston, Cornell University
“Unsettled repair tools: The death of the J.A.F. Box” [READ PAPER]

Daniel Kreiss, University of North Carolina
“An Ethics of Care for Infrastructural Repair” [READ PAPER]

Thursday Keynote: 4:30-5:45 pm

Ruth Schwartz Cowan, University of Pennsylvania
"Maintaining Gender with Technology"

Post-Keynote Reception: 6-7 Babbio Atrium


All Friday sessions are in the Bissinger Room, 4th Floor, Howe Center, Stevens Institute of Technology

Friday 1: Legacies of the Nineteenth Century
8:45-10 am

Ann Greene, University of Pennsylvania
"Success as 'Failure': Historians, Engineers, and Maintaining the Erie Canal" [READ PAPER]

Deepak Malghan, Indian Institute of Management
“Two Cultures and the Efficiency Revolution: The Connected Histories of Innovation and Maintenance”

John Laurence Busch, Independent Scholar
“Maintaining Innovators or Innovating Maintainers?: Revolutionaries vs. Reactionaries in the 19th Century Maritime World” [READ PAPER]

Nicholas O’Brien, Stevens Institute of Technology
“The Trolley”

Friday 2: Theory, Method, Practice
10:30-11:45 am

Ellen Foster, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
“Systems of Maintenance: Feminist Theory and Method” [READ PAPER]

Juris Milestone, Temple University
“Anthropologist as Tribologist” [READ PAPER]

Padraig Murphy, Dublin City University
“Reprising the Third Way: a Middling Proposal” [READ PAPER]

Matt Thomas, Kirkwood Community College
"Against Innovative Scholarship: The Monastic, Benedict, and Wiseian Options"

Friday 3: Clones, Communists, Culture
12-1:15 pm

Philip Scranton, Rutgers University
“Fixing Holes in the Plan: Maintenance and Repair in Communist Europe, 1945-1970” [READ PAPER]

Lee Vinsel, Stevens Institute of Technology
“The Stories We Tell, or, Mary Poppins, Maintainer” [READ PAPER]

Misha Rabinovich and Caitlin Foley, UMass Lowell
“Maintenance Art and Extreme Sharing” [READ PAPER]

Break: 1:15-2:15 pm

Friday 4: People and Networks
2:15-4:00 pm

Roger Turner, Dickinson College
“Aviation Meteorology: How Flight Safety depends upon the Repetitious Production of Constantly Expiring Knowledge” [READ PAPER]

Heidi Voskuhl, University of Pennsylvania
“The Politics of Maintenance: Electricity, Socialism, and John McClane’s Tireless Fight Against Evil” [READ PAPER]

Andrew Meade McGee, University of Virginia
“The Computer Shop Around the Corner: Neighborhood PC Repair Businesses as Sites of Maintenance and Technological Dissemination”

Andrew Russell, Stevens Institute of Technology
“Maintaining the Internet” [READ PAPER]

Nicholas Barron, University of New Mexico
“Archival Maintenance in the American Southwest: Exploring the Coproduction of Anthropology and Settler Colonialism on the Ground” [READ PAPER]


All Saturday sessions are in Room 122 of the Babbio Building, Stevens Institute of Technology

Saturday 1: Maintenance in Motion
8:45-10 am

Renee Blackburn, MIT
Maintaining the Future: The Boston Busing Crisis in the 1970s” [READ PAPER]

Matthew Hersch, Harvard University
“Return, Repair, Refly: Spaceflight Strategies for a Resource-Limited Age” [READ PAPER]

Roger Launius, National Air and Space Museum
“A Clash of Engineering Cultures? NASA Engineers, R&D Culture, and the Space Shuttle as an Operational System” [READ PAPER]

Jim Fleming, Colby College
“Atmospheric Maintenance: Temporal and Spatial Considerations” [READ PAPER]

Saturday 2: Maintaining the Digital
10:30-11:45 am

Nathan Ensmenger, Indiana University
“When Good Software Goes Bad: The Unexpected Durability of Digital Technologies” [READ PAPER]

Stephanie Dick and Dan Volmar, Harvard University
“GOTOHELL.DLL: Software Dependencies and the Maintenance of Microsoft Windows” [READ PAPER]

Greg Bloom, Open Referral
“The Tragedy of the Directories: Towards the Maintenance of Community Resource Data as a Digital Public Good” [READ PAPER]

Bradley Fidler, UCLA
“The Dependence of Cyberspace: Political and Technical Maintenance of Internet Resources” [READ PAPER]

Saturday 3: Maintenance in Democracies
12-1:15 pm

Alex Wellerstein, Stevens Institute of Technology
“Maintaining the Bomb: The High Price and High Stakes of Keeping the Nuclear Weapons Complex Running” [READ PAPER]

Amy Slaton, Drexel University
“Mere Maintenance: Stratified Industrial Labor and The Reproduction of Human Difference” [READ PAPER]

Patrick McCray, University of California Santa Barbara
"Maintaining a Mountain of Magical Thinking" [READ PAPER]

Kevin Brown, Carnegie Mellon University
"Environmental History and 'Maintenance': The Case of the Devils Hole Pupfish" [READ PAPER]

Break: 1:15-2:15 pm

Saturday 4: Humanity and Bureaucracy
2:15-3:30 pm

Fallon Aidoo, Harvard University
“The Right to Work on Rights-of-Way in the Age of Deregulation” [READ PAPER]

Ellan Spero, MIT
“‘A Card for Everything, Miss Whittle!’ – A Maintainer’s Approach to the Organization of Academic-Industrial Research at the Mellon Institute for Industrial Research” [READ PAPER]

Hugh Lester, Stevens Institute of Technology
“Program Manager for Life” [READ PAPER]

Brandon Benevento, University of Connecticut
“Shaping the Future: The Political-Economic Possibility of Maintenance” [READ PAPER]

Saturday 5: The Enduring Industrial Age
4-5:15 pm

Ann Johnson, Cornell University
“Insurance as a Key Element in Risky Socio-technical Systems” [READ PAPER]

Dan Gregory, Common Capital
"That New Car Smell: Social Innovation, Maintenance, and Civil Society" [READ PAPER]

Dan Holbrook, Marshall University
“Discipline and Polish: On Wiping and Wipers” [READ PAPER]

Daniel Levinson Wilk, Fashion Institute of Technology
“Hotel Maintenance Made Easy” [READ PAPER]