Virtual Coffee Chats with The Maintainers Team

Curious about The Maintainers? Join us for a casual Coffee Chat!  The Coffee Chats are virtual meetings, of 30 minutes or less, in which you can chat with a team or Maintainers network member that can orient you to our … More →

Sustaining Mental Health Repair: A Maintainers Fellowship Event

Virtual Event October 11, 2023 |  6:30-8pm IST | 9-10:30am EDT | Zoom Join us for a thought-provoking event that delves into the heart of mental health support during unprecedented times: “Sustaining Mental Health Repair: Understanding the Journey of Psychosocial … More →

Event Recording, The Essence of Repair Culture

Virtual Event September 12, 2023 at 8am ET on Zoom Join Maintainers Movement Fellow Mathew Lubari in this virtual event, exploring maintenance, repair and care across countries and global contexts. Mathew is a 2023 Maintainers Movement Fellow, in the “cultures” … More →

Meet Maintainers Fellow Terra Graziani: Maintaining Home, Abolishing Evictions

My name is Terra Graziani. I am a researcher and organizer, and for the past ten years I have worked in the tenant movement in California in various roles, building tenant power through public education, community-based research, and organizing. I … More →

Meet Maintainers Fellow Jennah Jones: The Circular Economy is a Collaborative Economy

– by Jennah Jones In the summer after I graduated high school, two seemingly unrelated events occurred within the same week. Gabriel Garcia Marquez — Colombian literary giant and my favorite author at the time — had passed away. That same … More →

A Trip Down the Arroyo Seco: A Microcosm of the Relationship between Technology, Nature, and Society Part II

– By Tonatiuh Rodriguez- Nikl Introduction In the first part of this trip we joined the Arroyo Seco far above the LA Basin, following it from its (mostly) natural state into civilization, where it was quickly harnessed for flood control … More →

Dreaming of Circular Futures: A Maintainers Fellowship Event

Virtual Event October 6, 2023 | 12-1:30 PM EDT | Zoom   Dreaming of Circular Futures explores the potential of urban mining and landfill mining as viable alternatives to material extraction. We will discuss the similarities and differences of these … More →

Event Recording, Moving Toward Maintenance: Community

Virtual Event June 2, 2023 at 11am ET on Zoom Join The Maintainers network and friends for a 3-Part Event Series highlighting different spheres of maintenance, asking: “How do we maintain ourselves? Our communities? Our movement?”. Together we will explore questions … More →

Meet Maintainers Fellow Himani Kulkarni: Exploring the maintenance of mental health networks

– by Himani Kulkarni Who am I? My name is Himani Kulkarni and I am a Mental Health Professional, based in Delhi, India. I am honored to have been chosen as the Maintainer’s Public Health Fellow for the year 2023. Being … More →

Meet Maintainers Fellow Mathew Lubari: Journey to Repair Culture

– by Mathew Lubari My name is Mathew Lubari, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Community Creativity for Development (CC4D), a South Sudanese self-driven and thought repairer and activist, maker, mentor and advocate for Open-Technology, Inclusion and Diversity. At the age of 12, … More →