2021 Summer Fellowship

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Blog Posts

The Altars Which Found Us

– by Sarah Sao Mai Habib     December 2020. We are living in a medical aid camp, mostly made of tent structures and a few trailers. We are a collective staffing this small space near the so called US/Mexico … More →

Maintenance As Self-Care

– by Linda McIntyre Hello again! It’s hard to believe that my fellowship with The Maintainers is winding down already. What an unanticipated pleasure it has been to collaborate with this community and learn so much from them, and from … More →

Repair (Café) workshops in a Repair Country : Part 2

– by Himadri Das and Purna Sarkar Please refer to Part 1 for the first part of this blog post. Salvaging parts for the sake of frugality or urban mining but not necessarily for the sake of circular economy. Salvaging … More →

Repair (Café) workshops in a Repair Country : Part 1

– by Himadri Das and Purna Sarkar India is a repair country. This phrase encapsulates many different layers of meanings. It suggests that repair is ubiquitous in Indian cities and wrapped up deeply in frugal culture. It seems very important … More →

Design, Care & Reparations

– by Sarah Sao Mai Habib Early in 2021, designers, architects, planners, educators, policymakers, and artists came together to reflect on the massive transitional time we live in: a year into the covid pandemic and a year after the most … More →

Maintaining Communities Built on Sand

– by Linda McIntyre Hello and thanks for reading! I’m really excited to be one of The Maintainers’ 2021 Summer Research Fellows. I’m looking at the tradeoffs between maintenance and ecological stewardship. I’m still refining my approach but I know … More →