Leila D. Behjat

Maintainers Movement Builder, Fellow 2022

Architect, Designer, Researcher

Leila D. Behjat is a creative solution finder with a high sense for design and aesthetics. With a Diplom-Ingenieur (Masters) in Architecture from Hafencity Universitaet, Hamburg, Germany, she has worked globally in the fields of interior and lighting design on both residential and commercial projects. In recent years, she has focused on renovation with healthier building materials. Her current role as senior researcher at Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design deepens her motivation to contribute to creating spaces that are healthier and joyful to humans and the planet as a whole.

Leila’s publications and events:

Blog post: Being Care-Full

Blog post: “Can we fix this? A Year of Cobbling and Upkeep in the Built Environment”

Blog post: Governors Island: Balancing the Past with the Future

Blog post: Layers of Time

Blog post: To a Super, with Love

Event: Who Cares – A Maintainers Movement Fellow Event with Circular City, led by Leila Behjat and Sam Bennett

Event: Embodying Degrowth Event 


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