Sam Bennett

Maintainers Movement Fellow 2022

Ethnographer, Maker, and Designer

Sam Bennett is an ethnographer, maker, and designer who believes in slow research that minimally impacts our planet and advocates for human well-being. You can find her investigating people’s relationships to objects in the domestic space, making with mycelium and discarded materials, and co-running Repair Shop.  She is a senior researcher at Healthy Materials Lab and also teaches at Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, and New Jersey Institute of Technology in the Interior Design and Industrial Design departments.

Sam’s publications and events:

Blog post: Being Care-Full (co-written with Leila D. Behjat)

Blog post: “Can we fix this? A Year of Cobbling and Upkeep in the Built Environment” (co-written with Leila D. Behjat)

Event: Who Cares – A Maintainers Movement Fellow Event with Circular City, led by Leila Behjat and Sam Bennett

Event: Embodying Degrowth Event 

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