Tona Rodriguez-Nikl

Maintainers Movement Builder, Fellow 2022

Structural engineer, Teacher, Author

As a Maintainers Fellow, Tona is interested in how technological development will adapt to the changing social conditions and physical realities produced by climate change. Tona is a structural engineer by training and is a Professor of Civil Engineering at California State University, Los Angeles. His disciplinary work is in earthquake engineering. Beyond this, Tona is the chair of the Engineering Philosophy Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute and previously served on its Sustainability Committee. He is also the co-author of a textbook on engineering ethics and teaches a class on the social aspects of disasters. Tona’s work as a Maintainers Fellow relates to two broad areas. The first is integrating the idea of care into engineering. The second is understanding engineering’s relation to well-being in a post-growth economy.

Tona’s publications and events:

Event: Embodying Degrowth Event 

Blog post:Urban Homesteaders: Excerpts from an interview with Choi Chatterjee and Omer Sayeed

Blog post: Decarbonizing the Built Environment: Excerpts from an interview with Jim D’Aloisio

Blog post: A Trip Down the Arroyo Seco – A Microcosm of Infrastructure, Nature, and Society Part I

Blog post: A Trip Down the Arroyo Seco: A Microcosm of the Relationship between Technology, Nature, and Society Part II

Blog post: Technology and the Engineer in a Post Growth World: A Guide for Inquiry

Event: Announcing Engineering for Long Term Solutions – A Maintainers Movement Fellow Event with Long Now Boston, led by Tona Rodriguez-Nikl


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