An Interview with a Maintainer: Rachel Achieng’ and the maintenance of public health data

On July 20th, 2023, Lauren Dapena Fraiz (The Maintainers) met with Rachel Achieng’, a digital rights researcher based in Nairobi, to discuss more on the question of access and maintenance related to public health data in Kenya. Rachel gave us … More →

A Trip Down the Arroyo Seco: A Microcosm of the Relationship between Technology, Nature, and Society Part II

– By Tonatiuh Rodriguez- Nikl Introduction In the first part of this trip we joined the Arroyo Seco far above the LA Basin, following it from its (mostly) natural state into civilization, where it was quickly harnessed for flood control … More →

Meet Maintainers Fellow Himani Kulkarni: Exploring the maintenance of mental health networks

– by Himani Kulkarni Who am I? My name is Himani Kulkarni and I am a Mental Health Professional, based in Delhi, India. I am honored to have been chosen as the Maintainer’s Public Health Fellow for the year 2023. Being … More →

Meet Maintainers Fellow Mathew Lubari: Journey to Repair Culture

– by Mathew Lubari My name is Mathew Lubari, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Community Creativity for Development (CC4D), a South Sudanese self-driven and thought repairer and activist, maker, mentor and advocate for Open-Technology, Inclusion and Diversity. At the age of 12, … More →

Welcome our 2023 Maintainers Movement Fellows!

  Join us in welcoming our new cohort of Maintainers Movement Fellows for 2023! The Maintainers Movement Fellowship advances the movement for maintenance thinking and action by bringing together individuals who are interested in identifying where this work is already … More →

Mathew Lubari

Mathew Lubari is a Co-Founder & Executive Director of Community Creativity for Development (CC4D). He is a South Sudanese, self-driven thought repairer and activist, maker, mentor, and advocate for Open-Technology. At the age of 12, he watched his Dad (Alison) repair … More →

Himani Kulkarni

Himani Kulkarni is a Delhi-based mental health professional with experience in training, content creation, and psychotherapy. Her areas of interest are gender and sexuality, emotional regulation, self-care, and body image concerns. She holds an MA in Applied Psychology and is … More →

Jennah Jones

Jennah Jones (she/her) is a New York-based designer pursuing a Masters in Architecture at Columbia GSAPP (‘24). Her approach to architecture is deeply informed by her background in product design, where her curriculum stressed human-centered design and community partnerships rooted … More →

Terra Graziani

For the past ten years, Terra has worked in the tenant movement in California in various roles, building tenant power through public education, community-based research, and organizing. She helps run The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (AEMP), a digital storytelling documenting dispossession … More →

The Maintainers Fellowships – a model to understand localized practices of maintenance, repair and care.

-By Lauren Dapena Fraiz     From 2016 to 2019, The Maintainers conferences featured professionals from across a wide range of disciplines who came together to share their experiences on how maintenance was neglected in their field. They discussed how … More →