You can download Purna and Himadri’s report here   “Jugaad is such an essential part of the informal repair network and it is ubiquitous in the Indian context. Jugaad, or fixing, addresses local problems and solves them with locally … More →

“AN OBTUSENESS TO NATURE – What Our Management of Dynamic Coastlines Reveals About Maintenance and Ecology” by Linda McIntyre.

  You can download Linda’s report here. “It would be easy to look at the current state of environmental maintenance and despair. But seizing, and trying to build on, these opportunities offer a way to advance toward a different ethos, … More →

We are looking for a Part-time Community Outreach & Events Coordinator!

NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for this role. Part-time Community Outreach & Events Coordinator (Contractor) Anticipated contract duration: March 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023 Compensation: up to $30,000 over 12 months, billed hourly, with an anticipated average … More →

Welcome to our Maintainers Movement Fellows 2022!

Join us in welcoming our first cohort of Maintainers Movement Fellows for 2022! The Maintainers Movement Fellowship is a year-long fellowship that will advance the movement for maintenance thinking and action. The fellowship will bring together a group of individuals … More →

The First Ever Maintainers Newsletter

View here: The First Ever Maintainers newsletter! Summary: These past months, we’ve been thinking about how to keep the folks in the Maintainers network updated with what is going on (within and beyond the network) in a sustained way. This … More →

Second Quarterly Newsletter 2022 : “Who Cares?” 🤔 Circular City Week, Tropical Fungi Summit, and reflections from Maintainer’s Fellows

View here: “Who Cares?”  Circular City Week, Tropical Fungi Summit, and reflections from Maintainer’s Fellows   Summary: We hope everyone is taking care, and having a great Spring! Thank you to all of you that have been joining us for our … More →

First Quarterly Newsletter 2022 : Research Reports, Movement Fellows, and a New Opportunity!

View here: Research Reports, Movement Fellows, and a New Opportunity!  Summary: We are starting 2022 with a bang- we have so many wonderful Maintainers announcements to share! Firstly, we are excited to share our Summer fellows’ final reports. It has … More →

Linda McIntyre

Linda is an urban planner, award-winning freelance writer, and policy analyst based in New York City and western Michigan. Her interest in maintenance and long-term thinking, planning, and building is based on years of experience, with frequent bouts of widely … More →

Maximillian Alvarez

Maximillian Alvarez is the Editor-in-Chief of The Real News Network and the host of Working People, “a podcast about the lives, jobs, dreams, and struggles of the working class today.” Prior to joining The Real News, he was an Associate … More →

Tona Rodriguez-Nikl

As a Maintainers Fellow, Tona is interested in how technological development will adapt to the changing social conditions and physical realities produced by climate change. Tona is a structural engineer by training and is a Professor of Civil Engineering at … More →