Meet Maintainers Fellow Jennah Jones: The Circular Economy is a Collaborative Economy

– by Jennah Jones In the summer after I graduated high school, two seemingly unrelated events occurred within the same week. Gabriel Garcia Marquez — Colombian literary giant and my favorite author at the time — had passed away. That same … More →

An Interview with a Maintainer: Aaliyah Bailey

This interview was conducted on June 15, 2023, between maintainer Aaliyah Sweet P. Bailey and The Maintainers’ community outreach and engagement coordinator, Liliana. “An Interview with a Maintainer” is a part of the Maintainers Spotlight series, blog posts focused on … More →

Himadri Das

Himadri is an urbanist, academician and researcher based in Bangalore. His expertise is in Safe access and Urban design. Himadri was previously consulting with WRI India, where he was leading the sustainable communities team previously. He was the recipient of … More →

Purna Sarkar

Purna Sarkar is an activist, theatre in education (TIE) coach, life skills trainer and HR professional. She is a co-founder of an environmental sustainability initiative called Repair Cafe Bengaluru. The idea of repair was not new to her life, as … More →

Jordan Hale

Jordan Hale is the Digital Repositories Librarian at the University of Waterloo, where they manage open scholarship infrastructure on open-source software. Jordan enjoys highlighting and celebrating the people behind information systems, and they bring this spirit to the Information Maintainers community.

Bethany Nowviskie

Bethany Nowviskie is Dean of Libraries and Professor of English at James Madison University. From 2015-2019, she directed the Digital Library Federation at CLIR (where she has also been a Distinguished Presidential Fellow) and served as a Research Associate Professor … More →

Nathan Proctor

Nathan Proctor is the Senior Right to Repair Campaign Director with U.S. Public Interest Research Group. He has 15 years of experience running public interest advocacy campaigns, and also is the associate director of U.S. PIRG’s New Economy Program, seeking … More →

Essential Data about Essential Work: Data Visualization and Querying Tools for Understanding Maintainers in the Workforce

By leveraging high quality data from across domains and data sources and making them more accessible, we are giving researchers, businesses, policymakers and other stakeholders the tools to more meaningfully invest in the more than 50 million households who, despite severe economic hardship, play critical roles in the maintenance of our infrastructure and economy.

Understanding Essential Information Maintenance Work Within and Beyond COVID-19

What types of information maintenance work is deemed “essential” or mission-critical during the COVID-19 pandemic within cultural stewardship organizations, and how has the organization of that work changed during the pandemic? How do essential information maintenance workers perceive their role and status within cultural stewardship organizations? In what ways do essential information maintainers’ perceptions of their role and status within cultural stewardship organizations relate to access and preservation outcomes?

Messaging Gendered Lessons About Maintenance: Farm Equipment, Domestic Appliances, and University Expertise

One of the issues we have been thinking a lot about in The Maintainers is the creation and diffusion of maintenance best practices, or put another way, *innovation-in-maintenance*. Today, we are re-posting one of our favorite papers from the Maintainers … More →